Project Management

80% Hire a contractor and he’ll deal with the construction process.

Hire Lands and we’ll deal with everything; prep-work, attaining loans, overseeing construction and more. From foundations to key-handover, your success is our responsibility.


What’s included:

Under our project management service, you get the following services:

  • Demolition and Strip-out
  • Attaining loans
  • Disconnecting Utilities
  • Ensuring contractors follow plans

What we do

We outsource work to respective professionals and oversee everything, including:

Disconnecting Utilities

Demolition and Strip-out

Liaising & Dealing with building control regulations

Attaining building control and all other relevant certificates.

Installing all new utilities.

Attaining loans

Completing applications, scheduling property viewing and sending monthly reports to the bank. 



We liaise between architectural and planning professionals to explore your different planning options.

Ensuring all drawings and plans are followed meticulously.

What Makes Us Your Ideal Management Company?
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One point of contact


Hassle-free service

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Trusted by many landlords